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What you can do with PowerPoint

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4 modes of presentation

Improve your presentation
Page setup and printing
Presentation advice


At one point in time, you'll be asked to present or to try to sell your ideas to somebody. Whether it be a business presentations, a progress report to your superiors, a business plan, for a scientific or other conferences, presenting is always one of the most stressful experiences in life. You want to give the best possible presentation but you don't know any presentation software. The next few pages are dedicated to demonstrate not only how to use PowerPoint, but also to help you to prepare to give a professional presentation.


What you can do with PowerPoint.

+Create a presentation on paper or to present it on computer.
+Organize your ideas for the presentation.
+Embellish your presentation to give it a "professional" look.
+Add charts, pictures, organization charts and other objects to improve your audience to understand the ideas you want to present.

The 4 presentation modes

To help you in creating your presentations, PowerPoint split the functions of the software into 4 categories or 4 "modes". You can pass from one mode to another by using the buttons that you find in the left lower corner of PowerPoint's screen or by choosing a mode from the View menu. The 4 modes are the first 4 options of the that menu.

The normal mode
It combines what was before the ''slide'' and ''outline'' modes. It allows you to create the "slides" of your presentation. You can change all the aspects of slides; such as changing the colors and size of the text, to add or to remove charts, tables and other elements to the presentation. In the ''outline'' mode of this view, you can add the text to your presentation in a structured way. You can change the order or the importance of your ideas at any time.
The slide sorter mode
It allows you to add special effects to your presentation if you're presenting with a computer. It also allows to prepare your presentation by timing the time it takes for you to give your presentation. You can then adjust your presentation according to the time that was assigned to you.

The notes page mode

It allows you to prepare a comments or notes document that includes your presentation. You can then give it to the public as a reminder of your presentation or to help them follow your presentation

The slide show mode

It shows your presentation on a computer screen.

If you have questions about a button or about an icon that appears to the screen, press theCTRL and F1 keys. You will notice that the cursor changes shape. Then, click the object on that you want more info. PowerPoint will open a new window with the help that you need for that option. You can also use the help menu at the end of the menu toolbar or press the F1 key.

You can quickly pass through the first three modes by pressing one of these buttons placed at the lower left corner of the screen.

In box of error, you can press the cancel button to cancel the last instructions that you carried out. There is also a Cancel option in the Edit menu or by using the CTRL and Z keys.




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